Chapter 9 - three days after the key is found

We melted one sugar cube in a plastic cup and diviied it up between the four of us. The sunlight poured over dad's linoleum and for a while we just chatted.
I think we were just excited for the first hour, Saul scratched his elbows and started talking about transhumanism. He had a few days' beard and hadn't really gotten clean from the bus ride, he kept feeling his stubble.
Anton was more careful at the outset, making sure he knew where a clean pair of socks were, and brushing and shaving before the experience began. He squeaked his sneakers on the floor and nodded in time.
My brother and I were quiet for the first while, just sort of smiling and talking.
Where did he get the windows for this place?
They're double paned but running in droplets, rippling, is that even possible?
Knowing him it was probably some custom thing.
'The whole thing's custom!'
yeah, you remember that fucking van?
how many movies do you think we managed to watch in it?
Like, one, I think, I think we watched Willow.
Willow and The Neverending Story, on that trip to Atlantic city to see Dylan.
Yeaaaaaah. And then a while later, after we'd tuned in for a spell to Anton relating a recent anecdote about the AK, did we see the show?
I think mom and dad did, but we stayed in the car? But how is that possible, who would leave their kids in a car in a parking lot in atlantic city for half the night?
Yeah, that can't be.... you'd get on Dateline.

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